COTABATO CITY – More than P1.5M worth of cash assistance in total was distributed by the Ministry of Labor and Employment to twelve beneficiaries of the Social Benefits Program for Overseas Bangsamoro Workers on June 5-6, 2023.

Labor Minister Muslimin G. Sema, along with Deputy Ministr Tommy Nawa, Director General Datu Surab A. Abutazil, Jr., OWWB Director Annuarudin Tayuan and other MOLE officials, personally handed over the checks to the beneficiaries.

The Social Benefits Program for OBWs, which aimed to alleviate the effect of dismemberment and disability sustained by an OBW during his/her employment overseas, covers disability and dismemberment benefits with P100,000.00 cash aid per beneficiary.

Moreover, it also aimed to mitigate the effect of the demise of the OBW to their dependents by granting claims of P100,000.00 death benefits for natural cause and P200,000.00 for death due to accident, maltreatment and abuse, or death penalty, including the burial benefit amounting to P20,000.00, which will be received by their immediate family or legal dependents.

Among the twelve beneficiaries, five OBWs have received each an amount of P100,000.00 for the disability and dismemberment benefits.

Also, five beneficiaries have received P120,000.00 and two beneficiaries have received P220,000 for the death and burial benefits.

Director Tayuan, who recognized the sacrifices made by the OBWs for working abroad, was hoping that through the MOLE program, the beneficiaries will utilize the cash assistance to start a small business for additional income. (MOLE-ICD)